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We got the tools

More stable and harder than Oak with a visual appearance similar to bamboo

Certified Experience

The HempWood team has produced several commercial products including Strand Woven Bamboo

Competitive Pricing

HempWood will be price competitive with timber alternatives

Hemp Wood Story

The algorithm of a tree is the foundation of life. Reverse engineering the natural growth cycle and utilizing bio-mimicry, plant fiber and protein based bonding agents can make a beautiful eco-friendly wood substitute.

The idea of using hemp derived from experiences while working for a bamboo flooring company. Greg and his technology team have spent over 10 years adapting the bamboo process to different plant species including, Eucalyptus, HEMP (patent pending) and Tasmanian Oak. HempWood IP is 100% owned by Greg.

Our mission is to benefit humankind by removing the devastating effects of deforestation and help the farmers of the world by disrupting the $60 + billion wood industry.

Simplified: its pretty cool to turn hemp into wood

Sample Pre-Orders

Sample pack: (3) pieces: 1x6x18” $50

72 Inch Board: 1x6x72” $60

48 Inch Board: 1x6x48″ $45

6 Inch Block 6x6x72″ $200

Custom orders: AVAILABLE SOON

Shipping via UPS