Interested In Growing Hemp?

Hemp raw materials are most cost effective if within 100 miles of the factory. If you fit that description please contact us using the personnel information below. If you fall outside of the 100 mile mark, then contact our manufacturing department about opportunities at future locations. 

Why farm hemp?2020-01-16T10:04:50-06:00

There is an opportunity to sell your floral material to a CBD processor and seeds to a granary. In addition, using hemp stalks instead of regular timber saves trees and reduces deforestation.

Who are the purchasers of hemp?2019-07-07T13:36:06-05:00

3rd party brokerages, like Patagonia, Bob’s Red Mill, and Sunstrand

How do we take delivery of raw hemp?2019-07-05T16:48:26-05:00
  1. Bailed, 6 feet – 8 feet tall with seeds and floral material removed.

  2. Free of mold.

  3. We do not take CBD stalks. We are creating a product line that will accommodate CBD stalks but have not invested in this production method yet.

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