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HempWood® flooring is a first of its kind. It is the only form of hardwood hemp on the market today. This sustainable material not only boasts an impressive durability but also a commitment to an eco-friendly product. Additionally, hemp opens the door to protecting native forest systems and helping to eliminate deforestation.

What supports this vision? The ability to effectively and consistently grow and process hemp material into top of the line products. Simultaneously, with the help of patented engineering, the future of hemp is looking bright, and is waiting to be designed.

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The Only Eco-Friendly Hemp Flooring

Eco Friendly ● No Biodiversity Loss ● Maintain Healthy Habitats ● Carbon Sink

HempWood flooring is processed in Murray, Kentucky. This is where plant meets patented engineering on the factory floor. Any material that undergoes the patented process is sourced within 100 miles of the factory. The farmers focusing on providing hemp have the advantage of using all of their product, so as to sell to both HempWood and other markets. This natural material can be grown, cultivated, and ready to hit the sales floor in less than 120 days. In addition, this helps eliminate the need to harvest from delicate forest ecosystems and give action to conservation around the world.

Finally, harmful chemicals are never incorporated in the products. Replacing traditional binding processes with innovative technology and soy-based adhesives ensures a more eco-friendly product. From start to finish, this product embodies sustainability for the future. Further, it is a step in the right direction to ethical harvesting.

Durability and Design

HempWood flooring provides a durability that is comparable to Brazilian Cherry natural hardwood. Additionally, pressed hemp supplies a product that is 20% stronger than traditional oak! Durability isn’t the only value this material brings to the table. Simultaneously, this product comes with easy workability, customization, and installation.

Hemp brings a layer of rustic tones to any space while leaving ample room to be creative. This material becomes the perfect partner for your curating skills. Further, this product takes on waxes and stains that  are perfect for creating vibrant highlighting features.

Finally, this flooring is perfect for a variety of uses, from dabbling in DIY to professional job sites. Contact Us so as to start collaborating and customizing with our sales team. Get the perfect cuts for what you need, and eliminate job site waste all while saving money on material. Reach the sales team today by email at sales@hempwood.com so as to explore what is possible.

Product Specs
Density : 60 lbs/ft 3
Janka Hardness: 2,600
Stability:  20% Greater than Solid Oak
Formaldehyde Free
MC: 10-14%

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Flooring Installation


1. Sawing – Trim Saw Blades

2. Sanding – 120 Grit For Finishes

3. Stain – Oil Based Optimal

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