HempWood® Peppermill Blank


A hand-crafted peppermill starts with the right materials. This HempWood® Peppermill Blank gives you that and more. On one hand, this pressed hemp material brings a refined and natural style to the dinner table. On the other, you have durability, strength, and ease of customizing your own creation. Maybe you are ready to make use of your own crafting skill or want to provide the perfect medium for the designer in your life.  Either way, this peppermill will bring the ultimate flavor and design to the dining room.


3″ x 3″ x 12″ (HxWxL)


$24.99 per 1 piece

HempWood® Product Sheet

NOTE: This product is not stabilized. This product has a 15 day lead time from the date of purchase. All orders are processed and shipped in the order in which they were received. Reach us by phone at (888) 338 1235 or by web page on our Contact Us page. Want to customize or contact our sales team? Reach them by email at sales@hempwood.com


HempWood® is made with patented engineering. We believe in sustainability from start to finish, even with our peppermill blanks. We limit the mileage our hemp makes from the farm, to our factory in Murray, Kentucky. Once hemp reaches the floor, we break the plant fibers down with heat and pressure. We form our blanks with cross-linking binders and soy adhesives. This ensures we do not need to add any harmful chemicals to our blanks. HempWood® blanks take a bit longer to produce than other products due to using our pressure pot stabilization method.

HempWood® can be grown and turned into a product in less than 120 days. That is considerably faster than traditional wood sources. And much more friendly to our valuable forest ecosystems. The durability from this material easily replaces traditional hardwoods. A HempWood® peppermill blank can bring an accent of rustic tones to your dining space. Or maybe you are ready to turn a whole dining set with pressed hemp and bring a much more personalized note to your meals.

Sharing a meal together is a gift in itself. And a polished and worked peppermill can put the perfect detail on your dining presentations. Let HempWood® highlight your dining experiences.

Product Specs

⦁ Density: 60 lbs./ft3
⦁ Janka Hardness: 2,200 lbf
⦁ Stability: 20% > solid oak
⦁ No added formaldehyde
⦁ Moisture content: 9% +/- 2

HempWood® SDS

HempWood® 2022 Catalog

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 in

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