Some products have different policies or requirements for a refund associated with them, including some products that are not eligible for a refund under any circumstance.  Please see the applicable refund terms below for details.

Payment Details & Refund Policy

Date of Transaction. For the purpose of this Refund Policy, the date of purchase of any Goods sold by HempWood® is hereafter referred to as “Date of the transaction” and indicates the date funds were received from the Purchaser. 

Payments Due. All payments are due in full at the time of order placement, including tariffs, shipping fees and applicable sales tax. 

Non-Refundable. Purchaser agrees to pay all amounts due for Goods at the time Purchaser orders them. All amounts are non-refundable unless otherwise noted in this Refund Policy.

Price Changes. HempWood® reserves the right to change its prices and fees at any time, and such changes shall be posted on as soon as possible, but are effective immediately without need for further notice, even if the website has not yet been updated. 

Payment Types. Except as prohibited in any product-specific agreement, Purchaser may pay for Goods by using any of the following “Payment Methods”: (i) valid credit card, (ii) electronic payment from Purchaser personal or business checking account, as appropriate (and as defined below); (iii) PayPal; (iv) International Payment Option (as defined below). 

Wire Transfer Details. Wire transfers may be initiated in foreign currency to fund Purchaser purchase, however the native currency of the HempWood® bank account is U.S. Dollars, therefore, foreign currency wires will be automatically converted and deposited in U.S. Dollars using the applicable rate of exchange at the time of the transaction. Please note that exchange rate fees may apply.

The Purchaser is responsible for all wire transfer fees, both incoming and outgoing, associated with any purchase. Any non-U.S. wire transfers may be subject to fees by Purchaser’s bank, intermediary banks, or HempWood®’s bank, which may reduce the amount of the money received by HempWood®’s bank and subsequently funded towards the purchase. The Purchaser hereby expressly authorizes HempWood® (i) to reduce the payment by the amount of the wire transfer fees HempWood® incurs in order to receive Purchaser’s funds; and/or (ii) to charge a hundred-dollar ($100.00) service fee (“Service Fee”) in connection with the transaction fees, whichever is greater. All fees are subject to change at any time, and such changes shall be effective immediately without need for further notice.

Payment By Check (Electronic Funds Transfer – EFT). HempWood® is currently not accepting this form of payment.

International Payment Options. HempWood® currently accepts payments in several major currencies electronically through the website via PayPal. International wire transfers are also accepted, with additional fees added for currency conversions. 

Refunds Issued. Purchaser agrees that where refunds are issued to Purchaser Payment Method, HempWood®’s issuance of a refund receipt is only confirmation that HempWood® has submitted Purchaser refund to the Payment Method charged at the time of the original sale, and that HempWood® has no control over when the refund will be applied towards Purchaser Payment Method’s available balance. Purchaser further acknowledges and agrees that the payment provider and/or individual issuing bank associated with Purchaser Payment Method establish and regulate the time frames for posting Purchaser refund, and that such refund posting time frames may range from five (5) business days to a full billing cycle, or longer.

In the event a refund is issued to Purchaser Payment Method and the payment provider, payment processor or individual issuing bank associated with Purchaser Payment Method imposes any limitations on refunds, including but not limited to, limitations as to the timing of the refund or the number of refunds allowed, then HempWood®, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to issue the refund via issuance of a HempWood® corporate check, which will be sent to the mailing address on file for the Purchaser Account; or (ii) in some jurisdictions, as a bank transfer, when the payment processor cannot refund back to the Payment Method. 

Currently, refunds are only being issued for failure to process pre-orders within 2 months from the expected product release date, which is August 31, 2019.

In-Store Credit Balances. HempWood® currently does not offer “In-Store Credit”.