Frequently Asked Questions2019-07-07T13:30:55-05:00
What type of adhesive do you use?2019-12-06T17:03:35-06:00

Soy based adhesive with B level bond (same as wood glue) for visual grade applications (flooring/furniture).

– No added formaldehyde

When can I buy HempWood?2019-07-18T15:44:07-05:00

We are selling HempWood now.

What are the technical details?2019-12-06T18:58:20-06:00

Product Details:

  • Density: 50-55 lbs/ft3

  • Hardness: 2,750

  • Stability: similar to Brazilian Cherry

  • Workability: cuts, sands, and stains. Machining requires testing of speed and blades

Can I become a distributor?2019-07-25T20:14:40-05:00

We have some big plans for HempWood and are happy to discuss distribution in your area.

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Do you make exterior or structural products?2019-07-25T20:18:00-05:00

We do not currently make any exterior or structural products. Not because they don’t perform, but because we focus on interior face grade. If you buy some samples and make some samples, we would love to see how it works.

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Are you taking on new investors?2019-12-06T17:21:43-06:00

Fibonacci, LLC is a privately held company. We are currently raising Series C capital to fund growth.

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What is the break down on HempWood blocks?2019-06-14T08:26:50-05:00

48 inch is actually the cheapest and provides a lot of opportunity create stuff with but the sample pack is easier to share with friends.

72 inch is for the bold and the blocks are for people that are generally trying to be first to make stuff at an enterprise level. All of you are the first ever to use Hemp in a solid wood form. Congrats!

What are the prices expected to be when you reach commercial production?2019-11-28T15:45:55-06:00

Please reach out to sales@hempwood.com for an up to date price sheet on all of our products.

Do you have licensing opportunities outside of the United States?2019-07-18T15:56:53-05:00

Currently, outside of the United States we have  licensing opportunities available in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

How can I work for Fibonacci, LLC?2019-06-14T09:48:39-05:00

Please send a resume and cover letter to work@hempwood.com. We would love to know about your experience lends itself to what we are doing and what motivates you to want to work for us.

How price competitive will HempWood be compared to oak and pine?2019-07-23T17:01:13-05:00

We aim to be price competitive with US domestic oak by 2020, but softwoods like pine or poplar are out of reach. Automation in our factory and volume orders from customers will dictate costs and determine sales prices.

  • 1”x6”x48″ – 6 lbs (1 board for $40)

  • 1”x6”x72″ – 12 lbs (1 board for $60)

  • 1”x6”x12″ – 5 lbs (3 pieces for $50)

  • 6”x6”x72″ – 70 lbs (1 block for $200)

Where will I be able to buy HempWood?2019-07-25T20:20:02-05:00

We will be selling to retailers and end customers directly, so if you can’t find it at a local distributor, then we will see what we can do about fulfilling your order direct from our factory.

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What is the best way to stay informed about company updates?2019-06-14T10:15:15-05:00

The best way to make sure that you stay informed on all the latest company announcements is to keep up with us on social media, as it’s the best way for us to speak to our ever-growing community of followers from around the world. We will be implementing an email list soon, so you’ll be able to get announcements delivered directly to your inbox. Stay tuned!

Can HempWood be cut into thin veneers?2019-06-22T17:12:55-05:00

Yes, we have tested 4mm veneers successfully but they need to be attached to a substrate such as plywood.

Does HempWood take a stain?2020-02-13T11:02:39-06:00

Oil based stains: 1-2 coats as desired. Dries slower than oak due to density. Let stand with stain applied longer than normal. When desired results have been achieved wipe off excess.

Water based stains: Tend to raise the grain on the wood, a fine sanding after application may be required. Not recommended.