Interested In HempWood® Franchising?

Contact us to discuss the product in detail or to learn about our licensing program in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada.

License is to set up a HempWood® Factory so as to sell under license- 1 per USA State, EU Country, Canadian Province, and Australian Province

  1. Buy some HempWood® so as to wrap your head around the product and its capabilities
  2. Research the economics of fiber/seed hemp in your region
  3. Research HempWood®, seed, and flower market
  4. Try a test crop <10 acres: First year usually has major problems
  5. Research Acreage requirements: 1 press = 1 ton of fiber per hour
  6. Sign NDA

Total output: 1 million board feet per press/shift/year

Total Investment: contact us for details

Further, License includes an upfront cost and ongoing license fee

Contact Our Licensing Team

  • +1 (240) 291-0120