HempWood® Bottle Stopper Blank


HempWood® brings a new element to the workbench. This innovative material is durable and just as easy to work with as wood. Once you have found your shape, you will get a hands-on experience to understand the beauty and value of pressed hemp. This bottle stopper blank is the perfect base for your craft.


2″ x 2″ x 2 1/2″ (HxWxL)


$7.99 per 1 piece

HempWood® Product Sheet

NOTE: This product is not stabilized. This product has a 15 day lead time from the date of purchase. All orders are processed and shipped in the order in which they were received.  Looking to customize? Reach our sales team by email at sales@hempwood.com. If you have questions please contact us by phone at (888) 338 1235. You can also leave us a message on our Contact Us page.


HempWood® is an engineered wood product that produces beautiful pressed hemp blanks. We break hemp fibers down into individual strands and then glue them together with a combination of soy-protein and cross linking binders. This is in addition to the added heat and pressure. After using a pressure pot stabilization method, this bottle stopper blank is ready to take on a variety of designs.

The swirls and waves of pressed hemp create new avenues for creative endeavors. Once you find the ideal shape for your bottle stopper you are one step closer to having your own craft decorating your favorite bottle. Add some elements of your style to your space. This wood blank is a great way to explore your woodturning skills and show off your craft.

This blank is a great start to bringing your own artistic work into your home space. Maybe you are ready to sell your craft and need the perfect medium. Or you are looking to give the perfect gift. Whatever the reason, HempWood® provides a stunning and strong material every time.


Product Specs

⦁ Density: 60 lbs./ft3
⦁ Janka Hardness: 2,200 lbf
⦁ Stability: 20% > solid oak
⦁ No added formaldehyde
⦁ Moisture content: 9% +/- 2

HempWood® SDS

HempWood® 2022 Catalog

Additional information

Weight .34 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2 × 2 in

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