Hemp Building Materials

HempWood® is a first of it’s kind, being the only solid wood form of hemp on the market today. Our pressed hemp material is grown within 100 miles of our factory in Murray, Kentucky. Once the harvested plant material makes it to our factory floor we begin to process it with our patented engineering. Further, this engineering breaks down the hemp fibers through extreme heat and pressure to supply you with top of the line flooring and lumber. Hemp building materials cultivates creativity and function, and easily replaces wood materials.


HempWood flooring brings new dimensions of design with rustic characteristics. Additionally, this flooring is easy to customize and install. Flooring comes in a variety of stains or unfinished, so as to curate the perfect color of your choice. This material centers any room with unique natural patterns. HempWood flooring is constructed with soy-based adhesives. This provides an eco-friendly product, and helps healthier healthier environments.

Hemp supplies function and artistry to any residential or commercial application.  Similarily, this product is easy to work with on any DIY level as well as for contractor use and allows for customization on site. Pressed hemp brings design forward with this sanded and polished flooring.

HempWood Flooring Spec Sheet


HempWood brings a durability that is almost double the strength of traditional oak. It is also as easy to work as traditional wood, with less negative impacts on the environment. The values of this material are innumerable. Pressed hemp easily replaces wood blocking, boards, and customized materials. Rebrand your company or take on a small craft to have a hands-on experience with this innovative product.

In addition, hemp enhances the longevity and value of the materials you use. Want to reduce on-site waste? Customize your order so as to keep your job sites more organized and efficient. Our sales team is available by email at sales@hempwood.com  to open the conversation for collaboration. We are happy to answer and questions you may have directly by visiting and filling out our form on the Contact Us page or by phone at (888)-338-1235.

Hand crafted hemp table