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HempWood® Lumber is an American innovation, NO ADDED FORMALDEHYDE and a suitable replacement for traditional solid hardwoods such as white oak in most interior non-structural products and processes. We invite craftsman and downstream manufacturers to develop their products in parallel to ours and share their results on our social media via #hempwood. Some current HempWood® applications include- benches, shelves, cutting boards, trim, window frames, dressers, tables, and more!

HempWood® Catalog 2022

HempWood® Engineered Flooring is available via our website or our partner Tennessee Wood Flooring and suitable for interior above grade and below grade applications. It makes a house a home when used for main living spaces. Further, we do not recommend use in bathrooms or kitchens unless proper precautions are used around toilets, sinks, or dishwashers.

HempWood® Flooring and Panels SDS

HempWood® Flooring Install Instructions


HempWood® Furniture is a natural beauty for the eco-friendly forward thinker. Additionally, we offer Tabletop and desk kits for the DIYers, finished tabletops for restaurants and shops, and Amish made entry tables for your home. Further, our adhesives are bio-based. All of them pass VOC emission standards in all 50 states. HempWood® furniture is available in natural, bourbon, and cherry, bringing more variety to the design board.


HempWood® turning blanks make a great alternative to turning hard wood. Simultaneously, our blanks are made from high quality, durable, pressed hemp. We offer blanks for peppermills, pens, bowls, beads and more.

HempWood® Finishing Guidelines

HempWood® Picture Frames allow the owner to have a story in the picture and the frame. What a perfect way to surround a beautiful painting or diploma then with a natural HempWood® picture frame. At the same time, you can show your commitment to conservation. HempWood® picture frames come standard in legal letter, diploma size, or custom sizes up to 48” for paintings. Colors include natural, bourbon, and cherry.