“The BMW iX is the most sustainable BMW produced to date, not only because of its electric drivetrain but because of the circularity of our manufacturing processes.”

“BMW MATERIA, The Garden of Possibilities celebrates this notion and the 300-mile range of the iX that in Los Angeles connects to various biomes; from ocean to forest to desert.” [SPACE] BMW

HempWood® is currently featured as part of the showroom floor in Los Angeles, CA. CEO Greg Wilson and Bing Bai attended the closed event and had the opportunity to speak with top-tier designers.

HempWood and BMW

Architect Magazine 

ARCHITECT Magazine recently published an article by Blaine Brownell. In Hemp: The Next Disruptor in Construction, Brownell “posits that with faster cultivation rates, a higher carbon capture, and advances in processing, hemp could be the next big thing in structural systems after mass timber” ARCHITECT.

rug on hemp flooring


Waste-Ed is known for producing short videos, which serve “to call out the greenwashers and to celebrate inclusivity in every eco-forward step.” Wasted-Ed featured HempWood in a short video. With over 1.2 million views on TikTok, the video displays how HempWood has impacted the wood industry by preventing deforestation. Link to TikTok video: Wasted-Ed.

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Christmas Promo 

The holiday season is quickly approaching!

This year we are running a buy two, get one free on all Lumber and Woodturning Blanks. You can order online at or call us at (888) 338-1235. If you order online, use promo code ‘HW21’ at checkout. Get the gift that keeps on giving this year!

Sale starts Nov. 17 & ends December 25.

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