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Belinda Carr 

Building Science Researcher and YouTuber Belinda Carr recently completed a review of HempWood®. With over 85K subscribers, Belinda has proved to be a trustworthy source for information on building materials. “This is not some silicon valley company that makes false claims,” Carr said in her review. “They have a very realistic long-term vision.” Carr provides an in-depth review of the product and delivers an unbiased opinion.

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The HempWood® Team is traveling to Austin, Texas from October 29-30. The HempWood® Team will be attending the Hemp Build Summit. At the Hemp Build Summit (HBS ATX), our team will have the opportunity to network with hemp building leaders and experts.

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Hemp Update

“This was another valuable year of learning,” said Tommy Copeland, operations manager. This season, we were able to educate ourselves on the genetics of the European varieties in the United States. We are proud to have completed another harvest in conjunction with Murray State Agricultural Center for Hemp. We look forward to completing our fourth year of production and to continuing our research in the upcoming season.

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