Hemp Frames

pressed hemp wood frame

Hemp Frames are made from innovative HempWood. Choose between standard picture frames and diploma frames made from Hemp.  These frames are durable and look great when matched with other hardwood picture frames.  HempWood is stronger than oak, so buy with confidence knowing that these frames will last.

Product Specs
Density : 60 lbs/ft 3
Janka Hardness: 2,600
Stability:  20% Greater than Solid Oak
Formaldehyde Free
MC: 10-14%

  • This diploma frame provides the perfect professional finish for any new graduate. Every alumni needs to spruce up their display once in a while. Our raw pressed hemp offers a beautifully crafted frame for replacement. This frame brings a lasting quality to your accomplishments, highlighted by the beauty and sustainability of pressed hemp.
    • Inside Dimensions: 15 x 18"
    • Patented product
    • Raw pressed HempWood® material
    • Made in the USA
    Please reach us by phone at (888)-338-1235 with any questions or concerns. We love to hear your input, our Contact Us page is a great place to reach us as well. And if you need to speak to someone from our sales team feel free to reach out by email at sales@hempwood.com
  • A HempWood® frame perfectly centers your certificates and awards with accents of natural tones and organic design. This frame might be just the gift you were looking for or a great way to commemorate a milestone. Add your own touch with this unique accent to any room, professional or personal.  HempWood® products are made in the USA  and are rooted in a commitment to sustainable production from farming materials to the end design. Features of Frame:
    • Finished or unfinished HempWood® material
    • Backer
    • Hanger
    • Glass
    HempWood® Product Sheet Please note that this product is fragile and that HempWood® is not responsible for any damage during shipping. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach us by phone at (888) 338 1235. Our Contact Us page is a great way to drop a few lines to us as well. And if you want to explore the options of customizing one of our products please reach out to our sales team at sales@hempwood.com.

    Customization is available upon request

    Customize your Frame:

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