Hemp Wood Turning Blanks

hemp wood blanks

Hemp Turning Blanks make excellent materials for a spectrum of wood turning projects. There are several varieties of Hemp Wood Turning Blanks to choose from: bead, pen, peppermill, bowl, and coaster.  Make a great necklace with the bead blanks.  Create a high quality pen with our hemp pen blanks.  Create a bowl that looks and performs well with our larger bowl blanks.  There are many ways to use Wood Turning Blanks

If you are interested in wood turning, be sure to check out SoCal Turners Expo at http://socalturnersexpo.com/

Product Specs
Density : 60 lbs/ft 3
Janka Hardness: 2,600
Stability:  20% Greater than Solid Oak
Formaldehyde Free
MC: 10-14%

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