Looking for a project that will leave you feeling proud of your work? This HempWood® table kit is the perfect way to set yourself up for success. Get the chance to work hands on with this innovative and stunning material. The product of your work; an artful functional piece of furniture. It is as easy as you buy the kit, we ship the supplies, and you follow along with our easy instructions and tutorial videos.
  • 48"x30" stained HempWood® table top
  • Ultra-low VOCs
  • 20% harder than oak
  • Comes with detailed instructions and videos
HempWood® TableTop Kit Assembly Instructions HempWood® Product Sheet Look to customize or have questions? Reach us by phone at (888) 338 1235. You can also contact our sales team by email at sales@hempwood.com. We love to hear from you directly, a great way to do that is to drop us a few lines on our Contact Us page.